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10 Principles of FEAR

The same way a business relies on a strong set of principles to succeed, so does Fear. These are 10 principles that Fear will most often use to keep you from doing the things you love to do.

When more and more people within an organization follow them, it leads to a dynamic and successful fear-based culture.

When learning about the malicious methods of fear, take the time to study these principles. And remember, you always have two choices.

You can follow these principles of Fear to the letter, so your career develops into exactly what Fear has always intended


    You can develop a deep understanding for what makes Fear tick so you can resist its siren song.

    1. Focus on flaws. Eliminate support. Alienate reason. Repeat incessantly.

    2. Always maintain a healthy distance between fear and the truth.

    3. Be alert to colleagues offering gratitude, they have an agenda.

    4. Be wary of those that are extraordinary, they threaten the ordinary.

    5. If you no longer try you will no longer fail.

    6. Enthusiasm is an embarrassing character flaw.

    7. Avoid listening, it could cloud your ill-formed opinions.

    8. When someone constructively criticizes your idea, make it personal.

    9. Let what you think other people think of your thinking define how you think.

    10. Seek out other fearful people so you never have to live in fear alone.