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FEAR Takes Top Honors At Innovation Awards Festival

Last week, Fear Incorporated was named the Most Innovative Company at the prestigious New York Corporate Business Awards Festival. The festival received a record 3,469 entries and awarded 33 Grand Prix, 618 Gold, 972 Silver and 2846 Bronze with FEAR Incorporated taking home the majority of the hardware. This was the first time the awards given exceeded the number of entries. While the FEAR team was grateful to receive the honors, they were quick to remind the audience in their acceptance speech that FEAR never stops innovating – punctuating the point with the famous FEAR Incorporated mantra, “FEAR has no finishline”. FEAR Senior Strategist Rebecca Samuelson went on to say, “The power of these four simple words has not only pushed FEAR to stay on the cutting edge of its craft, but it has also gotten our clients to believe that there is always more fear to be found in their teams.

Earlier in the week, FEAR took to the festival’s mainstage to present how their process continues to drive record results. The talk systematically broke down FEAR’s methodology, giving credit to the company’s long-standing strategy to “always stay connected to evolution”. The speakers went on to explain that throughout history, this has allowed for the immediate development of new fears as humans discovered and invented new things. To punctuate this opinion, the presentation pointed out that there was a time when the majority of the global population feared that doctors practicing early medicine were actually witches and thought it best to have them “cured” by bleeding out the demons with leeches and bloodletting. But, as people grew more comfortable with doctors and started living longer, FEAR needed to innovate and evolve. Since they were built for change, FEAR was able to pivot quickly. What followed was the development and implementation of the revolutionary and “never felt before” fears like, getting stuck in the rain or outliving your spouse and running out of money – leading to generations that feared dying penniless, homeless, alone, and wet.

The team went on to explain that with each technological innovation, FEAR’s dynamic position in the marketplace has allowed it to quickly tap into a new fresh section of the human psyche while bringing along established fears as a bedrock foundation on which to build. In support, FEAR presented the important work they did with social media companies, highlighting the wonderfully destructive impact it continues to have on everyone’s emotional well-being. In this wildly successful case, FEAR described how they guided the tech platforms to start by listing every societal fear, then mash them into an effective, easy to use, anxiety-producing app. Now, thanks to FEAR, people’s fear of inadequacy are at a record highs. There are the critics that say the work FEAR did in the social media sector was a culmination of all the work FEAR has done over the centuries and that FEAR has peaked. When asked at the festival closing ceremonies if FEAR’s best days are behind us, the CEO of FEAR Incorporated smiled and said, “We’re just getting started”.

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