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Welcome to FEAR Career Coaching

In an effort to make our patented fear-based leadership philosophy more accessible, FEAR Incorporated is pleased to announce the launch of our career coaching capability. For the first time all employees, from entry-level to those seated uncomfortably in the C-Suite, will have full access to our team of certified FEAR Career Coaches. Mario Paura, Senior FEAR Coach, explains, “While fear has always been a big part of everyone’s career, today they will finally have a coach to validate and guide their fears. Now fear can extend beyond the individual employee and spread through the halls of their entire company”. Through a series of daily sessions, FEAR coaches will help develop a unique set of personal principles for each client so they are consistently fixated on how their most destructive fears can best impact themselves and be weaponized against others. FEAR Incorporated promises that the coach’s work does not stop until the student has a well-crafted plan and a set of tools that will turn their personal fears into fears shared by the entire company. While this coaching service is made available to all levels of employees, we find that our work with the C-Suite has had the most impact on organizations worldwide. Our current staff of coaches have vast experience and a proven track record working with CEOs of the Fortune 500 community including American Motors Corporation, Blockbuster, Kodak, Blackberry, Lehman Brothers, Toys R Us, and most recently First Republic and Silicon Valley Bank. The success of our extensive work with the executives of these companies has helped us develop a dynamic curriculum that will guide the next generation of leaders.

Some of the popular topics, that our coaches are well versed in teaching include:

  1. Building strong silos that foster deep seeded animosity, anger and a healthy ill-will between peers.
  2. Becoming the devil in the details and mastering the art of micromanagement.
  3. The diplomacy of irony – where students will learn how to replace genuine conversation with a sarcastic monologue.

FEAR also offers a fleet of coaches that specialize in working with CFOs and have developed a patented finance tool called Fearonomics®. It consists of a 6-week intense course where finance teams learn how to profit off of panic and paranoia. Those who have graduated from this course, and have implemented Fearonomics®, declare they have seen a dramatic spike in staff departures which has helped create an immediate bump in profits.

FEAR is seen as the hardest working coach in the industry because it provides unique services offered by no other coach in the corporate community. When we begin our work with a new executive, FEAR does not leave their side. FEAR remains committed and in lock step with the executive’s daily schedule 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That includes going home with them at the end of the day, staying with them while they sleep and being right there when they wake to so they can start a fresh day with FEAR. When asked how our coaches keep up with this grueling schedule, the answer is always the same, “FEAR is fed by our client’s fear.” An additional perk, included in the FEAR coaching service, is that when an employee experiences a major career change, like receiving a promotion, their FEAR Career Coach goes along with them. This guarantees that the transition is seamless, and the employee is successfully set up, so their personal fears spread naturally throughout their new network.

If you are interested in exploring how FEAR can become a career coach to you and your staff, please reach out to our Chief Fear Officer at

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