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New Office Alert. We’re Hiring.

FEAR Incorporated is proud to announce the opening of our first Washington D.C. office. Conveniently located on D Street NW, a short 5-minute panicked walk from the U.S. Capitol and The White House. FEAR Incorporated’s CEO said, “After a record year of new clients from both sides of the aisle and the upcoming 2024 election, FEAR felt it only made sense to have a permanent space in what continues to be the most vibrant fear-based culture in the world.” He also wanted to reassure FEAR’s current clients by saying, “FEAR will continue to offer the popular service of being embedded within the teams at the congress, the senate, as well as new candidates, but we realize the creative importance of having a physical space for clients to take their strategy sessions out of office.”

To reassure all current and future clients that FEAR is strictly bipartisan and unaffiliated with any one party, FEAR hired the renowned Swedish architect Gert Wingardh to design the space. Mr. Wingardh’s innovative approach to the 185,000 square feet office allows for private meetings to take place from multiple opposing parties simultaneously. To calm any fear that party strategies and secrets will get stolen, FEAR offers separate servers and firewalls at an additional fee.

For tickets to our grand opening gala and see the space, please email

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