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The ”It’s Too Late For You” Method

Some of the most artful weapons in FEAR’s arsenal are those that move in a stealthily manner slipping under the emotional radar of a person’s defense system. Flying unnoticed like a B-2 fighter while carrying the max payload of ammo ready to be delivered with surgical precision. In the case of this method, fear takes the form a subtle comment or quiet reminder and is best delivered with a warm smile and a comforting hand on the shoulder. When it goes off, it awakens a slew of dormant self-doubts, crushing a person’s self-esteem while gutting their confidence.

The method has come to known as, “It’s Too Late For You”. A reminder that your clock is running out.

Here’s how it works.

When you notice an employee walking your hallways with poise and a buoyant bounce in their step, approach them and strike up a friendly conversation. As you see them drop their guard, subtlety slip in the comment, “Did you know Billie Eilish won 7 Grammys before turning 20 and Greta Thunberg was only 16 when she addressed the UN.”

Without ever actually saying it, you are telling them, “It’s too late for you, you will amount to nothing, and you should give up”. FEAR Incorporated’s data analytics has calculated this method of fear to be over 10 times more powerful then telling someone directly because you are letting them tell themselves that they have done nothing with their life.

We have found that it works particularly well with our clients that have a creative component like publishing, marketing, entertainment and tech.

Below is a list to help you get started:

Orson Welles was 25 when he wrote, directed and produced Citizen Kane.

Beethoven was 12 years old when he published his first composition.

Greta Thunberg was 16 when she addressed the UN.

Steve Jobs was 21 when he founded Apple.

Billie Eilish won 7 Grammys by age 20

Bill Gates was 20 when he started Microsoft

Spielberg was 26 when he made Jaws.

Michael Jackson was 24 when he recorded Thriller.

SE Hinton was 19 when The Outsiders was published.

Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he created Facebook.

Stevie Wonder wrote more than a dozen hit songs before turning 21.

Tatum O’Neal won the Oscar at age 10.

Kobe Bryant was selected to be in his first NBA All-Star game at age 19

Simone Biles won 7 Olympic and 25 World Championship medals before age 23

If you would like to discover other way of awakening FEAR in your employees so you fail faster, please contact our chief fear officer at

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